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Just in short:

  • Today two more Latvian cycling librarians – Silvija and Ilze – arrived;
  • I have bought a nice second-hand city bicycle for 1000 Danish crowns;
  • And I took my own city tour to a botanic garden, and visited the Little Mermaid and Royal Library;
  • Kick-off party was great! It seems all the people there made a wave of positive emotions.

Bellevue: 3 gears, front brakes and a basket

P.S. I need to remind myself not cycle on the left side of the street.

P.S.S. As always I managed to get lost.. ­čśÇ


This is a story how I managed to get to Copenhagen.

My bags were packed, on-line check-in for my direct flight to Copenhagen done, and Birmingham, the city of outgoing flight, reached. I overnighted at my friend’s place, so the next morning I could go to the airport.┬áI was at the student party, and it was already late when I received text message┬áthat my flight to Copenhagen was cancelled. No explanations, just a sentence:

is cancelled 

The next morning I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to take my bags with me and have a talk with Scandinavian Airlines. I arrived in airport one hour earlier than I had planned. The solution they offered was acceptable. In less than an hour I had a flight to Z├╝rich and then I had a connecting flight to Copenhagen. As the result I was in Copenhagen only half an hour later than I would be with the cancelled flight.

My trip was time-consuming (almost 5 hours long!) and awkward – I crossed Denmark and Germany to get to Z├╝rich and then from Z├╝rich I headed to Copenhagen.

Metro to the Copenhagen city centre: reflection

I would like to accent the positive facets of my trip:

  • I saw the mountains next to Z├╝rich Airport (I can’t resist to mountains and waters);
  • I saw amazing bridge and wind turbines in the middle of the sea when we passed by Nyk├Şbing Falster;
  • I had a chance to take a look at our cycle route (the Danish part);
  • The Scandinavian Airlines service seemed really good – friendly stewards, informative screens (with actual information of time and destination to distance, departure and destination time, altitude, speed, temperature┬áand interactive map showing us where are we now), not to mention cartoons (Tom & Jerry) and Swiss chocolate.

Wind turbines

Oh yes, here comes the explanation why my flight was cancelled – not because of volcano! ­čśÇ The flight was cancelled due aircraft technical problems.

The most important thing is – I’m here, in Copenhagen. And tomorrow morning I’m going to find a bike for “Cycling for libraries”. And also two of my colleagues – Ilze and Irina – have reached Copenhagen safe and sound.┬áStay tuned.. ­čśë