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Today it didn’t rain! It was rather cold and windy. And I’m getting hoarse a little, but never mind I took a local medicine – the Riga black balsam (it’s a traditional Latvian herbal liqueur made with many different natural ingredients mixed in pure vodka :D). It is one of the things to try while visiting Riga. The second thing is the rye bread “Lāči”. And actually it was one of those days I had both of them.

I was pretty productive today: I visited the president of the Library Association of Latvia and I handed in the Cyc4Lib project application for the State Culture Capital Foundation. I liked to hear a surprise in the voice of the documentation receiver when she read aloud the title of the project – a cycling congress. It is almost as intriguing as if I would announce I’m a librarian and you need to study to be a librarian.

Today I held a real kindle in my palm and I watched my first podcast OMG – it was fun!

After the official part of my day I met my friend and we decided to try the Korean cuisine. Now I can say – I love Korean food. Or at least I liked what I tried – Sočoļpangogi (fried beef fillet with special sauce, rise, vegetables and kimchi). The atmosphere in Soraksans, the Korean restaurant in Old Riga, was great (P.S. the prices of menu on the website isn’t up to date). Mainly I liked the music and interior; really appropriate place for a nice chat.

An adorable conclusion of the day followed – my friend and I went to the Cinema “Riga”.

Cinema „Riga” building is a national architectural monument. It was the first free-standing building in Riga intended exclusively for film screening with a hall for 824 viewers. The building has an imposing neo-baroque facade and amazingly varied neo-rococo style interior details.

We watched a French film Potiche (trophy wife), directed by François Ozon (6,9/10 on The film was in French, of course, but the subtitles saved the world. I just need to admit I didn’t even notice I was reading the subtitles, it felt so natural. I can only recommend this elegant piece of fun, a French farce with feeling, that can make you think of family relationship questions.

Good night! 🙂