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Yesterday it was really windy and I did one of the challenging routes (red guides) – Kedleston Lanes — offered by Cycle Derby.

Red guides are challenging routes for more experienced cyclists. They are more complex, longer or hillier rides, featuring both on- and off-road paths including some favourite mountain bike tracks and road riding circuits.

Due to my great ability to read a map, instead of approximately 30 km I managed a distance of 43,9 km.  In total I cycled for two hours and fifty-four minutes. My average speed was 15,0 km per hour and maximum – 41,4 km per hour.

A glance to the hilly terrain

There were hills hard to manage, and it seemed they will never end. Sometimes my speed was near to 8 km per hour, sometimes I just needed to push my bike, but I managed to compensate my slowness due to straight on-road paths at the end of the stretch (I even managed to reach a speed of 21 km per hour). Actually it is hard to decide what exactly took my breath away – the hilly terrain or the wonderful view. It seems that both.

Kedleston Lanes

There are some positive revelations – firstly, I managed not to fall off the bike (instead I was covered by the mud; actually it was a miracle I didn’t fall after my imprudence), and, second, the local drivers seemed very careful and understanding.

There is one more challenging route left – Hermit’s Trail. And after it I could have a ride to Nottingham or Burton upon Trent.