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It’s always nice to feel that you’re welcomed home. On Sunday I visited my family in Ādaži (25 km from Riga) and also we tried to see the seaside of Skulte (40 km from Ādaži), but unfortunately this idea was doomed. Our car got stacked in mud just shortly before we reached the destination.

Car stacked in mud

Luckily a tractor driver helped us to get out of mud. But the car got damaged, so we needed to return. At least I managed to get one shot of the seaside.

Seaside of Skulte

The evening ended really nice – I met my friend, we had a talk and also a movie night.

Today I managed to print a poster for the 10th Congress of Latvian Librarians. Some complications encountered me concerned with file formats, but luckily now everything is OK.

This day was really interesting because my colleague of the Riga City Library and I had an opportunity to show our city to a special guest from United States. Not every day there is a chance to have a talk with a member of the American Library Association. So we guided a 3-hour Old City tour, including a tour to a really famous street of Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) architecture – Alberta Street.

And of course a perfect ending of the day followed – a meeting with my friends. Tomorrow is the first day of congress. Hope it’s going to be exciting.


It’s plus 4 degree Celsius. And sunny, again! After my yesterday’s really late post, it was a little hard to wake up. Anyway.. Today I met some more friends. Haven’t you noticed that cycling is much easier than walking? 😀

I went to the evaluation of the male voice choirs at the University of Latvia. So I enjoyed 9 choir performances, in total 27 songs. Some of those songs were really untraditional choir songs. Two of my friends sang there, so that is the reason how did I found out about this nice event.

Afterwards one of my friend and I went to the Pauls Stradins Museum for History of Medicine. I have never been there before. The exhibition was amazing.

The museum was founded in 1957. The main exhibition consists of the private collection of Pauls Stradins in the history of medicine. The main idea of the museum is to show the visitors the development of medicine throughout the history, and that medicine and history go hand in hand.

The museum is visited by over 40000 people every year. There are more than 199000 items in the museums storage. Every year thematic exhibitions are made to reflect the questions that are topical to the society and which the society might find interesting and educational. The main exhibition is placed in the four floors of the museum in periodical order. The exhibition is designed to show the visitors the evolution of medicine, just the way that Pauls Stradins wanted to show it.

1st floor is dedicated to ethno medicine, 2nd floor to medieval times, 3rd floor to medicine of the 18th – 19th century, and 4th floor to medicine in Latvia. The exhibits of the trepanation was something real and interesting, and also deterrent. It was really educational to visit this museum.

Right now there is also a special exhibition of the first human flight into space. April 12 was the date 50 years ago when the first man Yuri Gagarin flew into space. On April 12 several video demonstrations of the cosmonaut Anatoly Solovyev (his flights, leaving into space, preparation and training process, as well as experiments) will be shown at the museum. Anatoly Solovyev have spent 78 hours and 48 minutes into space, in total 16 times. This is a world record. The video materials are going to be published online on April 13.

Eventually we were really hungry and decided to have something from Latvian cuisine. So it was time for lunch at LIDO.

What a beautiful day! Going to have a rest now, and then work on poster presentation for the 10th Congress of Latvian Librarians “Open Access to Knowledge – Promoting Sustainable Progress”. You can find the congress program here. 😉