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There are good news and bad news.. I’ll start with the good news: my bike computer works! Today I cycled for 49 minutes and managed a distance of 11,5 km, my average speed was 13,9 km and maximum – 30,7 km per hour (now you need to imagine Dace who is flying downhill :D). Still I’m wondering have I installed my bike computer correctly. Does anyone know at what distance from the axle should I install the magnet and the sensor? The only thing I know the distance between the magnet and the sensor should be 2 mm at maximum.

Now it’s time for the bad news – few minutes after I went for cycling I managed to get into an accident, a real accident. Don’t worry I’m fine and it seems my bike is also fine, I hope. However, the front wheel of that guy’s bike was significantly hooked. You would ask, how did it happen? The explanation is simple: I was cycling slowly, he was cycling fast. He suddenly appeared round the corner, listening to music and wearing sunglasses, and didn’t even notice me. As the result it wasn’t really possible to avoid the accident and I crashed in his front wheel..

The edification is: it is really dangerous to listen to music while cycling.