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Just in short:

  • Today two more Latvian cycling librarians – Silvija and Ilze – arrived;
  • I have bought a nice second-hand city bicycle for 1000 Danish crowns;
  • And I took my own city tour to a botanic garden, and visited the Little Mermaid and Royal Library;
  • Kick-off party was great! It seems all the people there made a wave of positive emotions.

Bellevue: 3 gears, front brakes and a basket

P.S. I need to remind myself not cycle on the left side of the street.

P.S.S. As always I managed to get lost.. ūüėÄ


This is a story how I managed to get to Copenhagen.

My bags were packed, on-line check-in for my direct flight to Copenhagen done, and Birmingham, the city of outgoing flight, reached. I overnighted at my friend’s place, so the next morning I could go to the airport.¬†I was at the student party, and it was already late when I received text message¬†that my flight to Copenhagen was cancelled. No explanations, just a sentence:

is cancelled 

The next morning I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to take my bags with me and have a talk with Scandinavian Airlines. I arrived in airport one hour earlier than I had planned. The solution they offered was acceptable. In less than an hour I had a flight to Z√ľrich and then I had a connecting flight to Copenhagen. As the result I was in Copenhagen only half an hour later than I would be with the cancelled flight.

My trip was time-consuming (almost 5 hours long!) and awkward – I crossed Denmark and Germany to get to Z√ľrich and then from Z√ľrich I headed to Copenhagen.

Metro to the Copenhagen city centre: reflection

I would like to accent the positive facets of my trip:

  • I saw the mountains next to Z√ľrich Airport (I can’t resist to mountains and waters);
  • I saw amazing bridge and wind turbines in the middle of the sea when we passed by Nyk√łbing Falster;
  • I had a chance to take a look at our cycle route (the Danish part);
  • The Scandinavian Airlines service seemed really good – friendly stewards, informative screens (with actual information of time and destination to distance, departure and destination time, altitude, speed, temperature¬†and interactive map showing us where are we now), not to mention cartoons (Tom & Jerry) and Swiss chocolate.

Wind turbines

Oh yes, here comes the explanation why my flight was cancelled – not because of volcano! ūüėÄ The flight was cancelled due aircraft technical problems.

The most important thing is – I’m here, in Copenhagen. And tomorrow morning I’m going to find a bike for “Cycling for libraries”. And also two of my colleagues – Ilze and Irina – have reached Copenhagen safe and sound.¬†Stay tuned.. ūüėČ

This is a really great chance for me to say thank you to our incredible sponsors and supporters. I also believe there are many librarians and library lovers who follow our activities and believe in our endurance and creativity during “Cycling for Libraries”.

  1. First thank you goes to the amazing organizers of 1st cycling unconference¬†“Cycling for Libraries”.
  2. Next thank you goes to the Library Association of Latvia and its Section of New Professionals for their work in fund-raising and project preparation.
  3. Then I would like to thank you the libraries who have delegated their employees to participate in this amazing event. A special thank you goes to the National Library of Latvia, Riga Central Library and Limbazi Main Library. I admire the heads of Riga Central Library and Limbazi Main Library for their insistence in fund-raising.
  4. I am very grateful to the State Culture Capital Foundation, Goethe Institute in Riga and BI-International for their financial support.
  5. Also thank you to the¬†State Agency “Culture Information Systems”¬†and¬†public library¬†development¬†project “TreŇ°ais tńďva dńďls”¬†for PR and fund-raising advises and our great T-shirts.
  6. Next I would like to thank you the Latvian Institute for brochures, booklets and video materials about Latvia and its culture.
  7. And also I would like to thank you the¬†entertainment complex ‚ÄúRoyal Casino SPA & Hotel Resort‚Ä̬†and¬†Global Fitness¬†for a¬†splendid¬†opportunity to use a free fitness pass at Global Fitness.

P.S. The most exclusive thank you goes to Mace and Jukka who encouraged me to take a participation in this crazy experience! ūüôā