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Recently I received a letter from Mace (one of the organizers of cyc4lib). He has prepared a really long list of things we should bring to Cycling for libraries. So here it is:

* bicycle (don’t forget it :))
* comfortable clothes, remember we might get rain
* raincoat
* sunglasses
* a hat
* bicycle helmet
* sunscreen lotion
* gloves
* eatingplate (plastic/metal please), also suitable for soup
* cup or mug for drinking
* fork+spoon+knife
* drinkingbottle
* health- and propertyinsurance
* sleeping bag
* sleeping mattress
* one set of bedsheets
* toothbrush, soap and other personal hygiene stuff
* your medication of course
* towel
* mobile phone (and charger) >> this is actually a nice reminder!
* cash (crowns for Denmark and Euros for Germany)
* your favourite snacks, with a lot of energy
* small bike tools for your bike if you have them
* camera
* laptop/iPad/smartphone/pen+paper for working
* a small backpack/saddlepack for carrying snacks+water+jumper etc.
* optional swimwear (we have pool for morningswim in Præstø)

Do you have any suggestions what else should I take with me? 🙂