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Have you ever had a feeling that the only way to uplift yourself is to do something that has an observable result? Today it happened with me. So I prepared my tools and spent my time with my bike.

Bicycle bell, head/tail lights, bicycle computer, some instructions & my tools, of course

Step 1: I installed the bicycle bell called “I love my bike”. That was really simple.

Step 2: I put 4 “AAA” size batteries in the head lights and realized I need two more for the tail lights. Funny – because on the packing it was said I need only 4 batteries. I installed the head lights on the handlebars, but I couldn’t manage to install the tail lights. To do it I need a longer screw than I had. Installing of head/tail lights was tricky and it made me think a little.

Step 3: The installation of the bicycle computer was trickier! So the instruction was needed. Eventually, after some puzzling over, I installed it. And now I need to go through the settings, which is even trickier (at least I think so). Will let you know, how I found it!

The handlebar looks interesting now

Going to do some fund-raising tomorrow for my and Latvian colleagues’ participation in Cycling for Libraries.

Wish me a good luck!


Folding 2-piece tool with 15 functions

If a day before yesterday I had a relaxed morning then yesterday I became a little practical. I did shopping for my bike! Now I have my first bike computer (need to read instruction and comprehend how to install it on my bike and how to use it). I also bought a bike tool kit (31-piece set). I’m a real novice at all these technical things. So all I can do is to list all the small things I have in my tool bag: folding 2-piece tool with 15 functions (6 socket wrenches, 1 hex socket, 1 slot screwdriver, 1 cross head screwdriver and 5 box spanners (with spoke spanners)), a tube patch kit (a piece of sandpaper, several repair patches, rubber cement and repair instruction, of course), 3 plastic tyre levers2 light bulbs (wondering what to do with them), and a cleaning cloth.

I’m really glad I had an opportunity to learn from my older brothers how to use a screwdriver and box spanner. And hope I will manage to use them in case of need. There are a lot of other things I need to get for my bike (like the head/tail lights and a cable lock), but this time I want to quote Scarlett O’Hara: “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”