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Yesterday I decided to take one of the easy family rides – Kedleston Hall.

Kedleston Hall is a National Trust property, set in over 800 acres of parkland and landscaped pleasure gardens.

I needed to get to Markeaton Park where the cycle route starts. It was 5:20 p.m. and really cloudy and windy. I took Osmaston Road, Lara Croft Way, Green Lane, Victoria Street and Ashbourne Road toward Markeaton Park. I passed by Markeaton Park Light Railway and crossed Markeaton Park till I reached Mundy Park.

Markeaton Railway in October, 2010

Markeaton Park in October, 2010

Afterwards I reached Markeaton Lane I took a right turn towards Kedleston Hall. The road was really uneven and sloppy. There were no street lights and a drizzle started. A common sense took a victory over me and I decided to return back to Derby via Kingsway and Uttoxeter New Road.

In total I cycled for one hour and a half and managed a distance of 13 km. I need to admit – cycling is much nicer during the daylight.

P.S. I met a fox this time. 🙂