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My loyal friend,

lot of things, except riding a bike, has happened since I last wrote you. I was working at maintenance of Latvian New Professionals blog, organizing welcoming of April Fools’ Day (it was really fun to compile all the funny library-connected-stories which were sent by Latvian librarians and library lovers). I need to write an article about international symposium BOBCATSSS for a Latvian LIS magazine, and a little more than a week is left till I’m going to Riga to participate in 10th Latvian Library Congress.

Enough about me and my job, I wanted to introduce you with a cycling librarians team from Latvia. Six library professionals and one LIS student is going to cycle for libraries.

Lets start with a president of the Library Association of Latvia – Silvija Tretjakova. She is also a chair of the Section of Children’s and School Libraries of the Library Association of Latvia and a head of the Centre of Children’s Literature of the National Library of Latvia. She thinks that cycling is really great and she cycles wherever she is travelling and living. The best thing she likes is the beautiful and unaffected nature of Baltic. And she is going to attend the 100Deutscher Bibliothekartag.

Silvija Tretjakova

Next is Ilze Čilipāne, she is a head librarian of the Centre of Children’s Literature of the National Library of Latvia and also a secretary of the Library Association of Latvia. As well as Silvija she is planning to attend the 100Deutscher Bibliothekartag. She says, “Don’t be afraid to make a mistake! Maybe one of them, like Christopher Columbus, will help you to reveal your own America – Berlin!”

Ilze Čilipāne

Inese Kupfere is a chief specialist of the Library of Education and Information Centre of Riga City. She thinks that every thing is etiological and leads us to a place where we need to be. And there is nothing better than what is happening here and now!

Inese Kupfere

Ilze Marga is a head of the “Sunny Days Library” Service Point of the Riga Central Library at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital. She is also a member of the Section of Children’s and School Libraries of the Library Association of Latvia. She thinks that adventures and journeys are the most interesting part of our lives. Cycling for libraries combines it with her job. She is going to challenge her endurance and is looking forward to new ideas and impressions.

Ilze Marga

Irina Briede is a head of Data Processing Department of the Limbazi Main Library. Her motto is: “Find the root!” She also believes that if you carry your childhood with you, you will never become older.

Irina Briede

Margarita Dankova is a first course student at the Department of Information and Library Studies of the University of Latvia. She is a chair of the Academic Commission of the Student Self-government of the Faculty of Social Sciences. She is also a member of the Section of New Professionals of the Library Association of Latvia.  She agrees with a French novelist Victor Marie Hugo that “There is nothing like  a dream to create a future.”

Margarita Dankova

Finally some words about me: I’m a chair of the Section of New Professionals of the Library Association of Latvia. I’m doing voluntary work a the Latvian Documentation Centre in the UK. And I’m also organizing the Latvian cycling librarians team participation in the first international cycling unconference Cycling for libraries. As you have noticed, I’m always in the middle of fuzzy activities.

Dace Ūdre

In the previous post I mentioned that I’m going to do some fund-raising. Well, the project application for the State Culture Capital Foundation and also a request letter for the Danish Culture Institute in Latvia is almost ready. Hope to arrange a meeting with them, as well as with the State Agency Culture Information Systems and maybe with Tieto Latvia Ltd.

Cycling for libraries is a politically and economically independent international unconference and a bicycle tour starting from Copenhagen, Denmark to Berlin, Germany May 28. – June 6. 2011. The event takes place for the first time in 2011 in cooperation with the German, Danish and Finnish library professionals. The purpose of the Cycling for libraries is to gather a group of 100 library professionals all around the world together to cycle a total of approximately 650 kilometers and to discuss the strategic issues of the library field in seminars along the route. Cycling for libraries is an independent event, not organized by any existing formal organization. It is made possible by a sovereign, international network of library enthusiasts.

Cycling for libraries supports physical and mental well-being of library professionals, grassroots networking, and internationalism and — last but not least — the crucial role of libraries for the society and for the intellectual and scientific education in general. Cycling for libraries also supports environmental values and ecological way of life. Many values inherited from librarianship are presented here: openness, liberalism, access to information, lifelong learning and innovativeness. Librarianship is also by it’s very nature humanist, internationalist, cross-boundary and concrete.