This August, a bunch of New Professionals from Botswana, Bulgaria, Colombia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and Vietnam met at the 1st International Young Librarians Academy “Global Librarians” in Ventspils, Latvia, to share experience and ideas, improve the knowledge of modern librarianship, and inspire each other for new projects.

Workshop group

I also was there and led a workshop on the recruitment of New Professionals with library associations. Here you may find the main results of the workshop.

Traveller IQ challenge!

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This is really gripping and good for your memory. After one hour of practice I reached Level 10 (IQ 109). 😀

Test yourself – click on the map! 🙂

June in Riga

Posted: July 14, 2012 in 20 to 39 km, Up to 19 km
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I was in Riga and I cycled! Two lovely things to do. I don’t have my own bike there, so I borrowed one from my friend. It was a challenging thing to do because his bike was pretty large as it was purchased for a 1.90 m tall man. And I’m only 1.60 m tall. Can you feel the difference? 😀 Nevertheless, it was an unusual experience. But at least I felt safe cause I cycled with my friend who was leading and supporting me all the way.

First we cycled from Mežciems (G) to Berģi (B). It was raining so we got us raincoats. And here we go – two ladies with yellow raincoats. As it was also windy, we looked like two big balloons on bicycles. Next point was Čiekurkalns (C), then Teika (D), followed by a ride through the Biķernieki forest (E). Eventually, we ended at the Biķernieki race track where contestants trained for the Eastern European Drift Championship 2nd stage. That day we cycled about three hours and accomplished a distance of 26 km. Pretty good for a rainy city ride!

As the next day was sunny, we decided to have a second ride to Berģi. This time we cycled only 15 km. We enjoyed the sunny day in a garden. And also mosquito did so.

Altogether I spent three lovely weeks in Latvia. I met my friends and family. Enjoyed being home and also celebrated Midsummer.