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It’s a new beginning!

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Run-up
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As you have noticed, the next cycling unconference for librarians and library lovers is going to take place in the Baltic States. The route and dates are not endorsed yet. But it’s for sure now that you need to allocate a spot in your busy schedule — the end of July/beginning of August — for Cycling for Libraries!

That is the reason I decided to put in order my blog. And today I will start with the blogroll. I’m going to take away the links that are not up-to-date and step by step I will replace them with other useful links. Here is the list of those links I have collected previously just in case you might want to use them:


Doing some preparation works

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Run-up
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What a disgrace – I haven’t cycled since ages!

I did some shopping. The corner of my room is getting packed. As I have said before, I’m not a professional cyclist – I even purchased a bike just because of this crazy event called “Cycling for Libraries”.

Well, now I even have my own sleeping bag and even a sleeping mattress. There are still some things from the list I need to get. It is quite funny, but the bicycle helmet I’m going to get only in Copenhagen. Also a bike I’m going to purchase in Copenhagen and then sell in Berlin. It’s actually some kind of strategy to reduce worries of transporting a bike (and also it seems a cheaper solution).

Here you can see my brand-new number plate for my bike! Also Silvija, Ilze & Ilze and Irina are going to have one.

Dace's number plate

In my previously mentioned corner there are four types of muesli bars, I should try them. Yeah, enough of empty talks – good night! 😉

P.S. Eight days are left till “Cycling for Libraries”!

Mace said it’s just too easy to cycle 650 km, so he thought of a homework for us. We need to describe our favourite professional problem and to make a little strategy how we would solve it during Cycling for libraries.

The role of new professionals within national library associations

So here is my little homework:

Section of New Professionals in Latvia is implementing three main objectives:

1) Library advocacy and support of new professionals on a national and international level;
2) Organization of seminars, conferences and exchange trips;
3) Networking and international collaboration.

My aim is to ascertain how new professionals (LIS students and recently qualified professionals) can be involved in activities of national library associations, and whether national library associations support new professionals movement in their countries.

The main question is: What can be done to encourage recruitment and active involvement of new professionals in the library field and activities of national library associations?

Please help me to solve this mystery! Feel free to comment.. 😉

P.S. Here you may find Cyc4Lib homework list.