Posted: March 27, 2011 in Run-up
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Have you ever had a feeling that the only way to uplift yourself is to do something that has an observable result? Today it happened with me. So I prepared my tools and spent my time with my bike.

Bicycle bell, head/tail lights, bicycle computer, some instructions & my tools, of course

Step 1: I installed the bicycle bell called “I love my bike”. That was really simple.

Step 2: I put 4 “AAA” size batteries in the head lights and realized I need two more for the tail lights. Funny – because on the packing it was said I need only 4 batteries. I installed the head lights on the handlebars, but I couldn’t manage to install the tail lights. To do it I need a longer screw than I had. Installing of head/tail lights was tricky and it made me think a little.

Step 3: The installation of the bicycle computer was trickier! So the instruction was needed. Eventually, after some puzzling over, I installed it. And now I need to go through the settings, which is even trickier (at least I think so). Will let you know, how I found it!

The handlebar looks interesting now

Going to do some fund-raising tomorrow for my and Latvian colleagues’ participation in Cycling for Libraries.

Wish me a good luck!

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  2. Dace says:

    OK – the bicycle computer setup was kind of fun. The hardest thing was to calculate the tire circumference. Instruction said that it can be easily calculated by multiplying the tire diameter with 3,1416. Just the question was – what is the diameter of the tire.. 😀

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