A ride to Chaddesden

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Up to 19 km
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I’m a little sentimental today. Maybe it’s because I’m listening to Latvian classic popular music and some of the singing festivals’ songs. Sun, Thunder, Daugava is a really great song. Every time I’m singing it, I feel touched:

Well, maybe the topic of Latvian folk singing came into my blog just because on Saturday I had a Latvian choir concert in Rowfant House near London Gatwick Airport. And I sang a lot!

Anyway, the main point is – I haven’t cycled since ages (since 14th of August to be exact). And today I finally did it! A day was really warm and sunny (+17 degrees Celsius). So I managed to get back on my bike. Funny enough, I was cycling in my tight jeans skirts. I felt just like Poppy of the Happy-Go-Lucky (it has 7.0 rating on IMDb). You will understand what I’m talking about, if you have watched this cheerful film.

Today I cycled for one hour and five minutes and managed a distance of 12,7 km. My average speed was 11,7 km per hour and maximum – 27,8 km per hour. Aha, I enjoyed a slow ride through the city.

This time I cycled to Chaddesden, locally known as Chad. It’s a large suburb of Derby. I just followed the cycle path downstream along the River Derwent. After I reached Pride Park Stadium, I crossed the river and went on exploring Chad. Unintentionally I stumbled upon a really nice recreation ground in the middle of Sussex Circus. Of course I took a chance and swung for a while. Afterwards I cycled back to the city center via Darley Abbey.

I must admit, it was a nice ride. October in UK is a suitable month for cycling.


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