Going to Manchester

Posted: June 20, 2011 in 20 to 39 km
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Good morning!

I am up, luckily! So it’s almost 5 a.m. and in couple of minutes I need to go to the bus. Ella and I are going to Manchester. It will be our first New Professionals Conference. We are looking forward to new experience and impressions.

Yesterday I cycled for one hour and twenty-eight minutes and managed a distance of 22,5 km. My average speed was 15,2 km per hour, but the maximum – 32,8 km per hour. Because of this ride I missed my bus to Birmingham (where I spent my night), so I needed to take the one which goes two hours later.

During my little cycle tour I visited the Trent & Mersey CanalSinfinLittleover and I returned back passing by the Normanton Park. So I again I used the National Cycle Network No. 66 and National Cycle Network No. 6.

See you later! Gotta go… 🙂


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