Derwent Mouth Lock

Posted: June 15, 2011 in 40 km and more
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In the previous post I didn’t mention I have a magical ability. During my ride to Aston and Weston I was in a cross-road and took a wrong turn. I stopped and right in that moment the wind blew my hat back to the cross-road showing I need to go straight. Yes, I can talk with the wind and maybe I’m a little enchantress. Beware of me! 😀

Trent & Mersey Canal

Today I went in the same direction as yesterday (I used the National Cycle Network No. 6 again), but instead of having the turn to Aston and Weston I stayed on the right side of Trent & Mersey Canal and continued along the canal. The system of canal is really great – I was enchanted by a view how narrow-boats were travelling up and down the canal by using the canal locks. I asked the owners of Eleanor Rose how many times a day are they using the canal locks. And they said, there are days they need to use them even 20 times a day.

The canal lock: Eleanor Rose is going up

I had a really nice and relaxing day – I cycled along the canal and I thought I will reach Long Eaton, but unfortunately the path was closed just after I reached the Derwent Mouth Lock in Shardlow (a village in Derbyshire) where the Trent & Mersey Canal leaves the River Trent. The path was really narrow and wild actually. I also noticed that all the bridges crossing the canal had sequential numbers. I can proudly announce I reached the bridge No. 1. And once again I saw the Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station. Just 8 km and I would reach those magical chimneys.

Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station

I returned to Derby via London Road, and actually that is the road I’m taking every time I need to get from East Midlands Airport to Derby. I don’t like to cycle on such an active roads, so I used a chance to get away from it – I took a turn towards Elvaston Castle. I’m truly glad I did it. It’s always nice to be there by the lake and listen to the birds’ songs.

Elvaston Castle

After a break and a nice conversation with one of my Cycling for Libraries friends I continued along the River Derwent towards Derby. My day was fulfilled. In total I cycled for three hours and fourteen minutes and managed a distance of 44,3 km. My average speed was 13,6 km per hour and maximum – 26,8 km per hour. And once again I was at home only after 10 p.m.

This time I managed to cycle without a map because I cycled out of the borders of my map. 😀


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