News from Riga

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Visitors
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I had a talk with Ilze, head of the “Sunny Days Library” Service Point of the Riga Central Library at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital. She said that the final weeks have elapsed in a serious work and training. A number of cycle routes in Riga are tried out: Riga – Jurmala; Riga city centre – Mezaparks; Riga city centre – Jugla. Also several distant routes in Riga surrounding are accomplished: Riga – Adazi; Riga – Olaine.

Ilze Marga preparing for "Cycling for Libraries"

She has a faith that her colleagues and she will manage to accomplish the whole distance from Copenhagen to Berlin. Several appointments with the sponsors and employers are made. Also homework for “Cycling for Libraries” is prepared. She is very pleased that librarians and library lovers from Latvia are following the activities of “Cycling for Libraries”. Lot of interesting ideas is in the air, and hopefully they are going to be realized in the future and won’t be forgotten.

Follow Ilze’s activities during cycling unconference via her blog.


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