Doing some preparation works

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Run-up
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What a disgrace – I haven’t cycled since ages!

I did some shopping. The corner of my room is getting packed. As I have said before, I’m not a professional cyclist – I even purchased a bike just because of this crazy event called “Cycling for Libraries”.

Well, now I even have my own sleeping bag and even a sleeping mattress. There are still some things from the list I need to get. It is quite funny, but the bicycle helmet I’m going to get only in Copenhagen. Also a bike I’m going to purchase in Copenhagen and then sell in Berlin. It’s actually some kind of strategy to reduce worries of transporting a bike (and also it seems a cheaper solution).

Here you can see my brand-new number plate for my bike! Also Silvija, Ilze & Ilze and Irina are going to have one.

Dace's number plate

In my previously mentioned corner there are four types of muesli bars, I should try them. Yeah, enough of empty talks – good night! 😉

P.S. Eight days are left till “Cycling for Libraries”!

  1. deichel says:

    nice plate.
    P.S. I only choose 2 types of muesli bars.

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