A ride to Little Eaton

Posted: April 28, 2011 in 20 to 39 km
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A goal of today was to reach Little Eaton.

Little Eaton is a village in the English county of Derbyshire. The name originated from Anglo-Saxon times and means the little town by the water. Little Eaton was once the terminus of the Little Eaton Gangway – the Derby Canal Railway – where it joined the Derby Canal. It was later served by Little Eaton railway station.

Little Eaton map

Once again I took the Derby Cycle map with me. And this time I took also the water bottle. I was prepared it will be rather chilly, but eventually it got warmer and the temperature reached +19 degrees Celsius. The same as on Tuesday I started my trip from Riverside Gardens in the city centre of Derby, and followed the cycle path upstream (north) along the River Derwent. Mainly I was using the National Cycle Network No. 6 and National Cycle Network No. 54, and I needed to head north till I reached Little Eaton.

View to Little Eaton

I cycled for 8 km, when I realized I have run out of the cycle map. So I have an experiment and cycled a little around the village. I picked up one street, then another – and what ever I did, in a mysterious way, I managed to return to the same place. I noticed disused railway tracks and decided to get off my bike and have a walk on these tracks.

Old railway tracks

I wonder maybe it was the former Little Eaton Gangway.

Little Eaton Gangway

Eventually I took the way back to Derby. When I reached the roundabout I turned to the direction of Allestree and crossed a bridge over the River Derwent. It’s a time when chestnut-trees are blossoming, and it so beautiful!


I took a short ride through Allestree and did some steadily climbs uphill the Ford Lane and Lambourn Drive. Then I continued along the cycle path downstream (south) along the River Derwent. I passed Cathedral Green and Silk Mill Park. And here I am – back in Derby! 🙂

Silk Mill

In total I cycled for one hour and forty-two minutes and managed a distance of 21,9 km. My average speed was 12,8 km per hour and maximum – 31,6 km per hour.

  1. mace says:

    You’re riding is such fantastic scenery, i really enjoy following your adventures 🙂 Who would have thought i’d get so nice information about a place called Derby?

    • Dace says:

      Tnx.. 🙂 It would be nice to invite you for a ride – so you could enjoy the scenery by yourself! This village – Little Eaton – was really amazing.. And I would also advise Elvaston Castle.

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