A spontaneous ride to Oakwood and Spondon

Posted: April 27, 2011 in 20 to 39 km
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If some days ago it was really hot (+30 degrees Celsius), then yesterday it was only +12,8 degrees Celsius. I took a Derby Cycle Map, got dressed a little warmer than usual and went out for a ride.

I started my trip from Riverside Gardens in the city centre of Derby, and followed the cycle path upstream (north) along the River Derwent. In the beginning I was using the National Cycle Network No. 6, and afterwards – the National Cycle Network No. 54. Then I decided to reach the Derby Orbital Route (National Cycle Network No. 66). While I was cycling I noticed a really beautiful object, so I captured it.

A beautiful scrap

I was on my way to the National Cycle Network No. 66 when I saw a really tempting sign to the National Cycle Network No. 672. So I strayed of my direction and continued to cycle along the off-road route.

The off-road route - National Cycle Network No. 672

Eventually I decided to reach the National Cycle Network No. 66 for the second time. The main goal was to reach Oakwood and afterwards – Spondon. On my way to Oakwood I enjoyed the last springtime fun – the pink carpet of blossoms.

The springtime carpet

I didn’t have my water bottle with me, so I was really thirsty (I didn’t even thought I would have such a long stretch). Luckily I reached a place of civilization – Ockwood. So I bought a bottle of water at Chad Booze. What a joy, besides beers’n’spirits they had even water!

Chad Booze

Finally I reached the National Cycle Network No. 66. I passes through Chaddesden Park and noticed that right beside the park there is also Chaddesden Library (a branch of Derby City Library).

Chaddesden Library

I cycled ahead until I reached Spondon. Now I needed to get back to Derby, and I used the same way as during the Ockbrook ride. When I crossed the A52 via the footbridge, I noticed that the junction under the bridge leads to several places: Spondon, Ilkeston, Nottingham, Ockbrook and Long Eaton.

Spondon Methodist Church

On my way back to Derby I took the last stretch through Alvaston Park. Actually I just cycled around the pond. Lot of little ducklings were there. 🙂

Alvaston Park

In total I cycled for one hour and fifty-five minutes and managed a distance of 25,7 km. My average speed was 13,3 km per hour and maximum – 28 km per hour.

P.S. Today I visited my old friend Robin Hood. He asked me to send you a sincere greeting from Nottingham!

P.S.S. Now I got two more cycle maps – this time from Nottingham. Who knows when I will have a chance to cycle from Derby to Nottingham.

Robin Hood statue in Nottingham


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