The Mackworth Castle ride

Posted: April 23, 2011 in 20 to 39 km
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What a beautiful day! I had the usual a walk in the city centre – it is worth to see Derby Cathedral, Town Hall, and the River Derwent there. After the city walk I did an intermediate level ride – the Mackworth Castle ride.

The Mackworth Castle ride is taking you from Markeaton Park to Kedleston Hall with an option to visit Mackworth Village. The ride contains several gentle climbs and follows a mixture of off-road tracks and country lanes.

I wouldn’t agree that all the climbs were gentle. There is one which is really steep and hard to do. 😀 But I need to admit the off-road tracks and country lanes are fun to do in case if the ground is dry. Well, even though I managed to fall of the bike, it was fun. It is a great challenge to ride on uneven ground, full of surprises.

Today it was really hot – almost 30 degrees Celsius and no wind. It’s an inquisition to cycle in such a condition. I wonder what the weather will be like in the end of May and beginning of June.

In total I cycled for one hour and fifty minutes and managed a distance of 27 km. My average speed was 14 km per hour and maximum – 43 km per hour.

Well, I’ll finish my day with a kneading a dough and baking something nice. Tomorrow I’m going to visit my friends in Birmingham. I’m looking forward to a thrilling Easter!


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