Ride to Allestree Park and Markeaton Park

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Up to 19 km
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Yesterday, in spite of the windy weather I took a ride to two really large parks on the north of Derby: Allestree and Markeaton. Both of them have a really beautiful lake. Need to warn, no cycling is allowed in Allestree Park, however Markeaton Park is really suitable for cycling.

So I took partly the same 5 Parks Ride, but extended it up to Allestree Park and included visit to Markeaton Park. On the way to Allestree Park I met a real pheasant. I wanted to photo him, but he managed to hide. So, no luck for me. He lives in Darley Abbey, by the way, in a case you want to meet him in person. In 50 minutes I reached Allestree Park and realized it is not allowed to cycle there. So I got down the bike and headed ahead to see the Allestree Lake. I passed through a golf-course (have never been in a real golf-course!) until I reached the Allestree Lake. The view was amazing. And just before I  left the lake, geese landed.

After a break I took Main Avenue, Park Lane, Cornhill, Robin Croft Road and Birchover Way to Markeaton Park. As a librarian, I just need to mention – I passed by the Allestree Library (branch of the Derby City Library) on my way to Markeaton Park and it looked great. Markeaton Park is suitable for long walks, cycling and a nice family day. And it has its own railway! I passed through Markeaton Park and returned back to Derby via Markeaton Street and Friar Gate.

In total I cycled for one hour and a half and managed a distance of 13 km. Need to go for a new cycling challenge. See you tomorrow! 😉


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